Diamondbacks News

Telephone Rings Early for Gaga Again

By Scott Allen

He’s not a popular singer.  He’s not an eccentric personality.  As it stands right now, he’s not even a good pitcher.  He just drives Arizona Diamondbacks fans crazy.  Armando Galarraga, who I’m just going to affectionately call “Gaga” the rest of the season, failed to get himself out of jams early and once again heard the telephone ring early requesting his departure from the game tonight in San Diego against the Padres, one they are currently losing 3-0 in the top of the 7th.

So Gaga’s ineffectiveness is leaving a gaping hole in the 5th position in the starting rotation.  The 4th spot was vacated by Barry Enright yesterday.  To say the starting rotation is in disarray would be an understatement.

Last season it was the bullpen that did in the Dbacks.  This season, the starters.  The Dbacks may have put too much focus on correcting the bullpen in the offseason, it rested on its laurels when it came to the starting rotation.  They had 8 guys compete for 5 spots in Spring Training.

Everyone’s performance has been subpar at least twice so far.  Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, Joe Saunders….they’ve all had their issues.  As the starting rotation goes, the Dbacks go.  I hope the Dbacks start looking for someone that can bring up the rear of a rotation that is becoming the butt of many jokes.