Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Again Lose Series to Under .500 Team

By Scott Allen

Not sure what it is. Is it the level of competition? Is it just inconsistency?  What do you chalk up another losing series to a sub .500 team too?  First they get swept by the New York Mets and now lose two of three to the San Diego Padres after today's 4-3 loss.  In between, they won two of three against the Philadelphia Phillies, tied the Chicago Cubs 2-2, and won two of three against the Colorado Rockies.

Joe Saunders once again blew up early.  He composed himself to be able to go six innings, but by then the damage had been done.  The Dbacks offense squandered opportunity after opportunity to take the lead in the game.  The Padres, one of the leagues worst offenses, had good enough pitching to take two of three this weekend.

Now the Dbacks must consider what to do with Saunders next.  My guess, they keep plugging along with him, but at what point is enough enough?  Chris Young has reverted back to 2009 form, hitting .213 now after today's game.  Xavier Nady is showing he may not have been worth the price as a free agent.  Another 0-3 performance.  Ryan Roberts went 0-4 to take his average down to .287.  He went from above average to average today.

The Diamondbacks went from contender to pretender today.  I'm afraid unless personnel changes, this is as good as it gets.  Bullpen can be left alone, for now.  The starting rotation needs help big time.  Hitting is going south fast.  Happy Dbacks viewing!