Diamondbacks News

Kevin Towers Needs to Find Better Pitchers

By Scott Allen

Barry Enright.  He didn't work out.  ERA of 6.49.  He was just sent down to Reno.  His problem?  Apparently confidence.  I guess we'll see.  I imagine he will be back.

Armando Galarraga.  He isn't working out either.  He walked six on Friday night and couldn't even get out of the fifth inning.

Joe Saunders.  He's so bad, I don't have enough time to spend talking about all of his deficiencies.  Saunders is currently getting rocked, again, in San Diego.  He's already down 4-0 after the first inning.  39 pitches thrown in the first inning.

So why did Kevin Towers and Kirk Gibson insist these guys should stick around?  It was nice to see them finally do something with Enright.  Now, they must move on the other two guys.  The NL West is still a division still very much up for grabs, even as bad as the starting pitching has been.

At some point, you have to cut your losses.  Joe Saunders point in case.  He had an astronomical ERA in spring.  He should have been cut then.  Of course, Saunders being a lefty played a big part in him sticking around this long.  After the first inning, Saunders ERA is currently 6.55.  Not good.  not good at all.

Cut your losses Dbacks or you will see many more in the standings. Oh, and don't think I didn't notice that RBI single by Saunders in the top of the 2nd to cut the lead in half.  Nice try Joe.  You still need to go and now.