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Juan Gutierrez Needs to be Shown the Door

By Scott Allen

After his horrible 2010 season, I was sure Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Juan Gutierrez would be ushered out of the bullpen and kicked to the proverbial baseball curb.  Just absolutely sure of it.  No one pitches that bad and makes it in the majors.  Ha!  Guess the Dbacks showed me!

Gutierrez's overall numbers may be better in 2011, but let's be real here.  That's like saying Lindsay Lohan is better because she didn't have a drink today.  I mean, really?  Two weeks ago when Gutierrez blew up in a home afternoon game against the Philadelphia Phillies in a 8-4 loss, I was pretty sure, along with some others, that he was done as a Dback.  Then Dbacks manager Kirk Gibson got on the airwaves and defended him.  From that interview on Sports 620 KTAR, you could sense it would pretty much take an act of God to remove Gutierrez from the roster.

Gutierrez is out of options and that may be one reason for holding him.  For what though?  Let him go blow someone else's bullpen up.  I think once Dback hitters get to face him for the first time, they will see the light.  What is really surprising in all of this is that general manager Kevin Towers is supposed to know pitching.  I think someone may have duped him....or hypnotized him into thinking Gutierrez was worth something pitching-wise.

Whatever the case, another plead goes out.  Juan "Long Gone" Gutierrez needs to go and soon.  Tonight he inherited runners from another waste of space, Armando Galarraga, and gave up a deep double to give up the go-ahead run.  His ERA may say 4.20, but he's given up runs that weren't credited to him. It will be a happy day when he is removed from the roster.