Diamondbacks News

You Can Stick a Fork in the Diamondbacks

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks just proved today every reason why this season will end in nothing but disappointment for fans, not that we were expecting much to begin with.  After losing their third straight 1-run game to the San Francisco Giants, it is clear the Dbacks will do enough to stay "in the game" as my good friend put it today, but just enough to lose.  One run or 20, they all count as losses.

So, the Dbacks can't hit in the clutch.  Kelly Johnson, Chris Young, and Russell Branyan all can't hit worth a penny.  I really can't see how the aren't growing impatient with any of the three hitters.  Johnson had runners on 1st and 3rd today and struck out - again.  He is hitting .188 and it makes no difference if he hits lead off, 2nd or 8th.  He doesn't hit in any spot.  Young is starting to pop up a lot - again.  He has reverted for the most part back to his 2009 season.  Young is hitting .215.  Branyan is 4 for his last 36.  I was never the best at math, but I am smart enough to know that isn't any good.

Another disappointment is Juan Miranda.  He is hitting .213.  A young first baseman with a lot of potential?  Please, tell me where I've heard this one before?  Shades of Travis Lee and Conor Jackson?  I say so.  Something isn't working when all of these hitters aren't hitting.  Is the hitting coach?  Is it the manager?  Is it the general manager for thinking any of these guys could swing a bat?  Could be a combination of all of it.  Who knows?

I know this.  The Dbacks aren't very good.  Good teams not only learn how to stay in games, but win those close games.  The Dbacks have lost five 1-run games on this trip.  That's a sure sign of a team that doesn't know how to close games out.  I will not say this team doesn't have heart because they have fought to get back into games, but when the clutch hit is needed, the Dbacks have failed and time again.  It might be time for a different direction and it's only May.