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Meet the Arizona Diamondbacks: The One-Run Loss King of MLB

By Scott Allen

Chicago has The Sausage KingNew York has the King of All MediaLos Angeles is where the King of Pop resided and is buried.  However, the real king, you know, the one titled The One-Run Loss King of Major League Baseball lives right here in Arizona.  Yep folks, step right up and meet them.  The Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Dbacks lost their 6th one-run affair of the current road trip this evening against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Once again, the Dbacks failed to capitalize early and in the end, their rally was not enough to make it all the way back.  This time, the result was 4-3.  1-0, 2-1, 3-2, 4-3, it doesn’t matter.  They all count the same.  What causes the sense of urgency to kick in late is beyond me?

I don’t know how to explain it.  These guys find new ways to lose though even given the close contests.  Tonight, it was a like a version of the Nine Stooges out there.  They were throwing the ball all over.  Lost in all of this one-run commotion is the decent starting pitching they are getting.  Even Joe Saunders pitched halfway decent this evening.  He did deserve a better fate.

These are the 2011 Dbacks though.  They will not be mistake for last years version, which lost games in completely different fashion.  I’d almost rather have last years losers to be honest.  At least they never gave you hope at the end of each game.  Hope is fading fast around here though.  It seems as if the Dbacks can’t figure out how to lose close games, a sign of a bad team.  Only good teams win those games with any consistency.

Only slightly less than 18 hours till the start of the next one-run affair.  Get some sleep!