Diamondbacks News

Collmenter Jumps to Starting Rotation

By Scott Allen

Josh Collmenter makes his first big league start this afternoon in Los Angeles as the Arizona Diamondbacks try to get out of their one-run loss funk.  Try is the key word there.  How they will do it is beyond me but it is a new day.  We'll see what today's 4:10 game brings against the Dodgers.

Collmenter has had seven relief appearances.  His performance has earned him a chance in the starting rotation after the failure of Barry Enright.  Everyone seems to have been gushing lately over Collmenter.  I will reserve judgement until after tonight's start.  Starting is a completely different beast.  Yes Collmenter's ERA is a very good 1.29, but that is spread over those seven appearances.  Can he put 5,6,7 good innings together?  That's the big question.

He may pitch well enough to keep the Dbacks in the game again, as everyone else has done the last time through the rotation.  It won't matter what Collmenter does though if the Dbacks bats can't come alive.  They must avoid waiting until the 8th and 9th inning to start a rally again.  It's too late by that point.  The Dbacks must help their youngster out this evening by scoring early.  That may help Collmenter gain some confidence as he rolls along.  Otherwise it could be an early trip to the showers for him.