Diamondbacks News

State of the Arizona Diamondbacks: First Quarter

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks are playing in their 40th game of the season tonight.  It's time for a quick review of the state of the Dbacks.  At 17-22 going into tonight's game against the San Diego Padres and well on their way to loss #23, here is where the Dbacks stand.

Starting Pitching - Grade: C

Ian Kennedy really drives up the curve here.  Without him, the rotation gets a D.  Without him and Daniel Hudson, the rotation gets an F.  Barry Enright failed, got sent down.  Armando Galarraga failed and is doing so again big time this evening.  Joe Saunders pitched well his last time out but has been everything short of good.  Josh Collmenter is a welcome sight to the rotation and looking forward to seeing what he can do.

Bullpen - Grade: B-

J.J. Putz has finally provided the closer the Dbacks have been searching for.  He has gone 9-9 in save opportunities.  David Hernandez was hot early and serviceable since.  Esmerling Vazquez has been ok, but really dragged the pen down early.  Aaron Heilman got hurt and really didn't pitch well.  Juan Gutierrez is the one guy I would replace now, but that's not going to happen.  how he still has a job I don't know.  Joe Patterson has been pleasantly surprising.

Hitting - Grade: D+

As a team, hitting .238,  Last time I checked, that wasn't good.  They have 7 guys hitting .224 or worse.  Bad bad and more bad.  Ryan Roberts has been a surprise at .284 with 7 HR and 17 RBI.  The failures of hitting with runners in scoring position has been the reason the Dbacks have lost many of their games so far.

Defense - Grade: C

25 errors including the 2 this evening.  At times over the past week the defense has more resembled a circus than anything else.  Defense has helped the Dbacks stay in games but now looks to be showing some weaknesses.

Biggest Surprises:

Ian Kennedy 4-1, 3.05 ERA ; Ryan Roberts .284 7HR 17RBI

Biggest Dissapointments:

Kelly Johnson .185 4HR 7RBI; Chris Young .224 (reverting back to 2009 form)