Diamondbacks News

Galarraga Accepts His Assignment to AAA

By Scott Allen

It's not like he really had a lot of choices.  It's not like a lot of teams were knocking down his door trying to trade for him.  Oh, and if he wants to collect his $2.3 million salary, he has to accept a trip to AAA Reno.  So, that's what Armando Galarraga has done, he has accepted his assignment to AAA.

I don't care if it was for the money or lack of options or a combination of both, the fact is he is out of Arizona and maybe this gives him a chance to work on locating his fastball a little better.  Actually a lot better.  His fastball mis-placements have resulted in 13 HR this season.

Galarraga, normally reserved, blasted the media the other night for the line of questioning after his latest blowout against the San Diego Padres.  The Dbacks insist his eruption wasn't the reason for the demotion.  I would agree.  His pitching spoke for itself.  Now hopefully it speaks volumes of success in Reno for his sake.