Diamondbacks News

No Quit in Diamondbacks

By Scott Allen

Welcome to the Arizona Diamondbacks of 2011. After being down 6-0 tonight against the Houston Astros, the Dbacks came back and defeated the Astros 7-6 thanks to a gutsy effort from a team that easily could have called it a night after just two innings.

The last couple of years, the Dbacks would have folded early in a game like tonight's.  Down 5-0 after a very rough start, the Dbacks broadcast booth interviewed manager Kirk Gibson and he sounded as if he knew this comeback would happen.  He didn't sound down nor frustrated.  Sure, he was disappointed with the start, but he sounded like a guy who knew his team would respond.  His team didn't let him down.

The Dbacks have clearly taken on the attitude of their skipper and it's paying dividends. Juan Miranda continued his hot sreak by starting the seven run rally with two 2-run homers.  It is no coincidence that Miranda getting hot and the team getting hot have paralleled each other.

The Dbacks, after an 8-4 loss on May 16th to the San Diego Padres were 17-23.  Since then, they are 10-1.  They have won 12 of 14 overall.