Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Hot in May, Hoping for Hotter June

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks had a hot May, going 19-10 overall in the month.  They had two big winning streaks of six games and seven games.  The seven gamer ended last night with a loss to the Florida Marlins 5-2.  They still have a shot at winning the Florida series today, a game that just started at 4:40pm.

Every facet of the game came together.  Most impressive was the pitching.  The hitting overall was pretty good, however what was impressive about the hitting was the timeliness of the hits when all the cards seemed to be stacked against the Dbacks.

The fielding had its issues at time and I still consider that a work in progress.  At times, even early in the win streak, it seemed like the nine stooges at times.  However it was the hitting and the relief pitching the worked the Dbacks on the way to wins in those cases.

So, June starts today and time to also start another win streak.  It all starts now with a victory over the Marlins.