Diamondbacks News

Trade Rumors Involving Dbacks Flying Around

By Scott Allen

It really is mind boggling to me.  A month ago you couldn't give any of the Arizona Diamondbacks away for free, save for a couple of players, and now all of a sudden rumors are flying everywhere about the Dbacks have both the players and the money to trade for good talent, if not great talent, in return.  So, which rumor should we talk about?

Let's start with the possible big one out there, David Wright from the New York Mets.  Well this one is interesting.  To be honest, Wright isn't producing the way you think he is.  Wright is hitting .226 with 6 HR and 18 RBI.  He has struck out a team high 43 times and it's no wonder, he's a friend of Mark Reynolds.  Granted, he does hit in pitching friendly Citi Field, however, you can't really sugar coat the batting average.  He also has been susceptible to injury.  My take is I would pass unless he is being given away for free or close to it.  Who does he replace?  You can't move Ryan Roberts unless you are moving him into the outfield.  Should be interesting to see how this one transpires.

There is the rumor the Dbacks are shopping for a reliever.  This one I'm good with.  They do have a couple of pieces they need in order to solidify the bullpen.  David Hernandez, J.J. Putz, Joe Patterson, and Micah Owings are good to stay.  Sam Demel too once he returns from the DL.  As far as I'm concerned, I'm good with parting with Aaron Heilman, Juan Gutierrez, and Esmerling Vasquez.  Jury is still out on Zach Kroenke.  Again though the question comes up as to what will the price be to get the quality reliever the Dbacks want and are willing to spend the money on?  Stay tuned.