Diamondbacks Draft

Archie Bradley and his Major League Arm

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks second pick of the first round of tonight's 2011 MLB First Year Player Draft, Archie Bradley, has a big decision to make after being picked 7th overall.  You see, Bradley has already committed to Oklahoma - as a quarterback.  He's a three-sport start who seems to have a decision to make between two big ones, football and baseball.

This was the issue I had with the Dbacks taking a high school guy, especially one that will probably command a bit of money and one who has committed to college - in another sport.  Now, Bradley publicly has come out and said he prefers baseball, but that's a guy trained to say all the right things at the right time.  The question is, will he really feel that way come negotiation time?

I guess only time will tell if he actually is able to come to terms with the Dbacks, but this time, they don't get a do-over with this pick.  The 7th pick was due to not signing last years first rounder.  You only get 1 second chance.  I hope he chooses baseball, as I'm sure the Dbacks do as well.  I've got to think though they think they have a great shot at signing him though, otherwise they wouldn't have taken him.  I've heard it all before though, so good luck! The young man throws a fastball clocked in the 93-96mph range. Oh boy.