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Dbacks Hernandez Provides Flashes of 2010 Bullpen

By Scott Allen
Granted, David Hernandez was not here for the miserable bullpen the Arizona Diamondbacks had in 2010.  However, after giving up 5 runs without recording an out this evening against the Pittsburgh Pirates, you have to wonder what happened?  Hernandez hasn't seemed completely up to par the past couple of times out, but tonight was a side of Hernandez we have not seen all season.  He couldn't buy an out if he wanted one.

So, is this going to just be an aberration or is is a sign of the near future?  Let's hope the latter because what happened out there tonight brought back many memories of what kind of disappointment the Dbacks bullpen provided in 2010.  This game was "in the bag" so to speak.  Even Pirates feeds on Twitter had given up.  One said the game was in hand and seemed resigned to waiting for victory for one more evening.

Not so though.  The Dbacks squandered a couple of chances to add on, so really the offense can be blamed for as good it was at times tonight.  Of course the thing that will be remembered though will be the failure of the bullpen to hold the lead for Daniel Hudson.

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