Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Off to Rough Start in Miami

By Scott Allen

It was pretty much the recipe for disappointment that I expected as the Arizona Diamondbacks lost to the Florida Marlins 6-4 last night in Miami in front of a crowd smaller than a movie theater.  What started out as a rout, once again ended in a rally coming up short.

You throw in Marlins pitcher Anibal Sanchez, who the Dbacks pretty much can't hit, along with a Marlins team that had lost 8 straight games - all by one run (sound familiar?), you've got yourself a sleeping giant.  Let's also not forget the fact that the Dbacks stole a game from the Marlins last week in Phoenix, one they seemingly had in hand, to lose the series to the Dbacks 2-1.

The Dbacks did get top Sanchez a little finally in the 6th inning last night.  Down 5-0 at one point,  they got the score back to 5-4 only to see Esmerling Vasquez give 1 of the 4 runs right back after starter Joe Saunders left the game.

So once again, they were in the game, and as happened 29 previous times this season, it was not enough to overcome for victory.  There are still three more chances to beat the Marlins in this series, so all is not lost. Ian Kennedy takes the mound tonight against the Marlins Javier Vazquez.