Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Offense Going the Extra Mile

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks offense has started to heat up again. They still don't seem to be moving on all cycles, however they seem to get on a roll from time to time.  Miguel Montero and Chris Young are amongst NL Leaders with 19 doubles each.  Montero had 3 on Monday night alone.

Some highlights:

The Dbacks have 6 players now with at least 30 RBI.  Stephen Drew leads the way with 39.

They are one of only 3 teams that have scored at least 300 runs as a team in the NL.  Tonight's total brings them to 316 on the season.

There are 4 players with at least 10 home runs.  Ryan Roberts joined that group this weekend.

The Dbacks are only 1 of 3 teams in all of MLB to score at least 10 runs in a game at least 7 or more times.

They may not have the best batting averages in the league, although those are getting better by the game.  Drew leads the way at .293.  He was within one percentage of .300 at .299 at one point in Monday night's game.

The Dbacks now come home where they supposedly are more comfortable.  Let's hope.