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Dbacks Don’t Get Benefit of Generous Strike Zone

By Scott Allen

That 9th inning last night was ridiculous.  The Arizona Diamondbacks 6-5 loss to the San Francisco Giants was of course no fault of the umpires.  The Dbacks killed themselves and left them a big hole to come back from, down 5-0 at one point.  Credit the Giants.  They took advantage of the Dbacks mistakes and of course the generous strike zone.

In that 9th inning, Giants reliever Brian Wilson was throwing pitches at least 6 inches off the plate and getting the strike call.  The Dbacks Stephen Drew was called out on strikes to end the game.  He argued with umpire Victor Carapazza after the called third strike.  Now, it was a pitch Drew should have swung at knowing how Carapazza was calling the game, however the pitch was nowhere near.

Drew had a ball thrown over his head during the sequence that moved runners into scoring position at 2nd and 3rd base.  If it wasn't so obvious, Carapazza probably would have called that one a strike too.

Regardless of the calls though, the Dbacks can't put themselves in those same situations this evening or it will end with another Giants victory.  If the calls are going to be, let's just hope they are consistent for both teams.  That's all I ask.