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Dbacks Bloomquist Fulfills Child’s Wish

By Scott Allen

Have you ever had a wish in life? Did you ever wish as a kid your favorite athlete would do something you wanted he or she to do? Yeah, I thought so. So have I. Heck, I still do it. Everyday. However, this week the Arizona Diamondbacks Willie Bloomquist fulfilled a very special wish, that of a young fan of his.

"“If you’re going to write something, please don’t make it about me,” he said. “It’s not something I do to get publicity. It’s something I want to do for the kids.”"

That is what Bloomquist told the Arizona Republic’s Nick Piecoro after he fulfilled the wish of 14 year old Abe Speck by smacking a home run after Speck had told him to hit a home run for him and then point to him in the stands.  Bloomquist told him he doesn’t hit many homers, but Speck told him he would.   Speck was the guest of Bloomquist on Wedesday night against the San Francisco Giants. Bloomquist invites a different guest from Phoenix Children’s Hospital each home game.  That is typical Bloomquist though, trying to stay out of the spotlight.  Sorry big guy, but your story was too cool to ignore.

So, I won’t make this post about Bloomquist.  I will say I wished more players did that kind of thing.  You know, a lot of them probably do, but what a good feeling story.  I’m very happy for Speck.  Hopefully that gave him the smile he probably so needed and one I know he deserved.

Cool.  Very cool!