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Dbacks Travel to Kansas City, Hopefully Take Offense

By Scott Allen

Watching the Arizona Diamondbacks over the past week, do you think something is missing from the picture?  Yeah, you noticed it too huh?  The Dbacks are missing their offense.  For some unknown reason, the Dbacks offense has again done a disappearing act.  Sure, they’ve faced some good pitchers, but the hitters are better than what they are putting out on the field.

You are starting to see slumps again.  Juan Miranda, Ryan Roberts, Stephen Drew, they all had a miserable weekend.  Really the only one still hitting with consistency is Justin Upton.  Hopefully they find their bats as they head into Kansas City tomorrow night and continue interleague play.

There are some remedies to the situation that just might make this a better road trip this week than the home stand just ended.  Obviously the hitting needs to get better and so does the bullpen, but really now focusing on the offense, a couple of things they can do to get back on track…

  • Call up Wily Mo Pena.  Check.  The Dbacks waived Sean Burroughs to get the red hot hitting Pena into the lineup.  It is about time!
  • Call up first baseman Paul Goldschmidt from Mobile.  The kid smacked his 22nd homer last night.  He has 61 RBI.  He his hitting .328.  I think now is the time.  The only problem will be who will go, Xavier Nady or Juan Miranda?  Unfortunately, I think the answer is Nady, although he has been pleasant to watch play for the most part.  Miranda is still young and needs to be given time to grow before you pull the plug on him.