Diamondbacks News

Welcome Back to the Bigs Wily Mo Pena

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks got some power back into their lineup tonight. They didn’t have to look hard to find it either. They recalled Wily Mo Pena to be their DH tonight against the Kansas City Royals.   He has immediately paid dividends.

Wily Mo does what he does, he hit a home run.  He hit a ball that might still be traveling with a stewardess on board.  He hit 21 homers in AAA Reno, so this is exactly what the Dbacks were looking for when they recalled him.  Of course he did what he also does in his next at bat, he struck out.

If there is a chance to see a homer every time up though, I’ll take it.  It makes the game more exciting.  What a big man he is.  His homers will travel far and fast.  Let’s hope for many more!