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Dbacks All Star Possibilities Re-Deux

By Scott Allen

A couple of weeks ago, I listed the players I thought had a legitimate shot at making the MLB All-Star Game off the Arizona Diamondbacks roster.  Well, the best goes on.  As time goes on, it is looking more and more like the Dbacks could possibly get two or three players to Chase Field on July 12th.

A for Sure Thing:

Well, there is never a for sure thing until the decisions are made.  With the way people still think about the Dbacks, I can’t declare anyone a sure thing.  The only sure thing is at least one player will make the roster.

Most Likely:

Justin Upton – he picked a good time to win NL Player of the week.  He hit .552 last week and has continued his hot streak this week.  The man has finally learned how to consistently put the ball in play.

Better Than Average Chance:

Ian Kennedy – Kennedy has seemed to get into a lot of high pitch counts lately that has lessened his innings but he raised his record to 8-2 last night and should be considered in the conversation.


Daniel Hudson -Hudson, who started off slow at 0-4, has been very good since.  His record is now 8-5 with a 3.56 ERA.  However, he only makes it if Kennedy gets in to.  Would be tough to get both Kennedy and Hudson in though.

Miguel Montero – He is hitting .279 with 8 HR and 37 RBI.  He is amongst the league leaders in doubles with 20

J.J. Putz – He has 19 saves.  It will all depend on how many relievers Bruce Bochy wants to add to the roster.