Diamondbacks News

Royals Pesky, However Dbacks Hanging On

By Scott Allen

It’s been a turbulent evening but Daniel Hudson and the Arizona Diamondbacks are still hanging on to a 5-3 lead in the 7th.  I have to hand it to the Kansas City Royals though.  On the verge of getting swept and owners of the worst American League record, they haven’t played like a team getting swept or one with the worst record.

I’ve seen some good hitting from the Royals and some good pitching, although Felipe Paulino struggled early tonight.  He’s keeping the Royals in the game late.  I really like what I’ve seen from Alex Gordon in the series.  Dbacks never really shut him down completely.  I’m glad he’s in the AL.

The Dbacks aren’t finished with this one yet, so the sweep is almost there…but don’t count out the Royals.  Like I said, a tough bunch who I see a lot of great things from soon.  By the way, Paulino has shut 10 in a row down now going to the bottom half of the 7th.  Be careful boys!