Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Come From Behind to Win, Again

By Scott Allen

In 2010, a game like tonight would never have taken place.  Thank goodness it is 2011.  These never-give-up Arizona Diamondbacks, down 4-0 and 6-3 against the Detroit Tigers, again pulled out victory from the jaws of defeat, defeating the Tigers 7-6 to run their record now to 43-34.

Wily Mo Pena provided the final fireworks, hitting a bomb 454 feet into the left field stands to give the Dbacks the lead for good.  Zach Duke, once again, was subpar.  He only completed 4 innings.  Before long, the Dbacks will need to take the flyer on him and realize he is what he is and really not much better.  At some point he will become more a liability than of any assistance.  The Dbacks eventually grabbed the flyer on Armando Galarraga, I imagine at some point they will come to their senses.

J.J. Putz once again finished things off in the 9th, grabbing his 21st save.  The Dbacks are now nine games over .500, their high water mark of the season.  The Dbacks may not be the best team in baseball but they sure as heck are amongst one of the most entertaining.  Never a dull moment with these boys.