Diamondbacks News

Walk-Off Wily Style

By Scott Allen

So, what took the Arizona Diamondbacks so long to bring up Wily Mo Pena?  Just 8 games into his gig with the Dbacks, he hit his third homer, this time a walk-off 6-4 victory over the Cleveland Indians.  All this, after another rough night of pitching by J.J. Putz.

Pena, who was tearing it up in AAA Reno all season with the bat, has paid immediate dividends to a hear that was short on power supply.  This one tonight appeared to be headed for sure Dbacks victory after they took a 4-2 lead in the 8th.  However, Putz took the ball and had little control.  He appeared uncomfortable from the get go.

Fans took to Twitter to start ripping into Putz, but I’m not near ready to do that yet.  Yeah it was disappointing and you are left scratching your head as to what is going on.  I even tweeted myself that it was starting to feel like 2010 again.  Over the past few days, it really has felt that way.  You can’t blame people for being a little jaded after what this franchise has gone through the past couple of seasons.

Tonight though was just more proof of the never say die Dbacks.  They will fight until the end and that is all you can ask of anyone, good or bad.  Tonight’s fight not only gave the Dbacks a win and kept them at 2.5 games back of the San Francisco Giants, it also gave Dbacks fans another Taco Bell free taco giveaway tomorrow.  I know what’s for dinner tomorrow.  Do you?