Diamondbacks News

Melvin No Mora

By Scott Allen

After today’s game against the Cleveland Indians, the Arizona Diamondbacks third baseman Melvin Mora.  It was a move not totally unexpected given the use of Mora lately.

Mora, who was hitting .228 with 0 HR and 16 RBI, really fell off the radar starting in May.  The emergence of Ryan Roberts in particular really did Mora in.  Mora was signed to a contract as a free agent in the off-season.  The writing on the wall was there with this move though after what took place against the Detroit Tigers Sunday right before the game.

Mora had been announced as the starting third baseman and mere minutes before the first pitch, Mora had been scratched in favor of Roberts.  Of course I speculated that this was probably the last at-bat for Mora.  Some people shrugged it off as meaning nothing.  I’ve followed the Dbacks and baseball too long to know moves like that aren’t made for no reason at all.  It didn’t end up being the end, but darn near it as Mora did get two pinch hit at-bats against Cleveland.  I have no inside info, but my best guess is the Dbacks tried to find a new home for Mora via trade and it didn’t pan out.  So, ultimately they released him today.  The Dbacks also I’m sure have some others they are going to want to look at here soon, most notably AA star Paul Goldschmidt.  However, the Dbacks announced that no corresponding move will be made until Friday.  I wish Mora well.