Diamondbacks Draft

All-Star Announcement on TBS at 9 am

By Scott Allen

The AL and NL rosters for the 2011 MLB All-Star Game here in Phoenix will be announced tomorrow morning at 9 am on TBS.  The starters and non-starters will be announced.  Once again there will be a final vote left to the fans for the final roster spot in both leagues.

So the question remains, for about 11 more hours, who from the Arizona Diamondbacks will make the team?  There are several possibles, a couple of questionables, and a couple more deserving but doubtful.


Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, Justin Upton


Miguel Montero, J.J Putz


Chris Young, Stephen Drew

My prediction is the Dbacks get the minimum of one player in.  That guy will probably be Ian Kennedy.  If they get two, my next best guess is Justin Upton.  We shall see in the morning.  Tune in.