Diamondbacks News

Eric Brynes Back to Earning a Real Paycheck

By Scott Allen

I am happy to see former Arizona Diamondbacks Eric Byrnes is back to some real work as an analyst on MLB Network.  Sure is a long way from his softball playing days.  You remember those days, right?  You know, the ones where he was still earning a huge paycheck as a former member of the Dbacks.  He went off to play softball where he was tearing it up with the best of them.

Hey, I thought Brynes was a great personality for the team.  Unfortunately I think he tried too hard at times and really put a lot of pressure on himself to perform.  Ultimately he became a liability the Dbacks could no longer hang on to.  One thing was for sure, he always hustled and never gave up.  I loved the attitude.  Just wish I could have said the same about his play.  Here in this video however, he gives Harold Reynolds his all.