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Reports Have Albert Pujols Returning in Time for Dbacks

By Scott Allen

So just exactly how long do broken hands take to heal these days?  Apparently not 4-6 weeks anymore.  St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols is apparently progressing so well, he might return to action right before the All-Star break, which means he could see action in the upcoming series next weekend against the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Oh joy!

Pujols, who broke his hand against the Kansas City Royals on June 19th, initially was to be out 4-6 weeks.  Unless my math if off, when next weekend arrives, it will not have been 4-6 weeks.  His rehab is going better than expected reports say.  I say good for him, but I don’t know why players rush these things?  Really how much help can Pujols give coming back sooner than later?  The Cards are perfectly capable of taking care of business, at least against the Dbacks, without him.  Of course what he brings to the lineup goes without question.  Just how soon is too soon though?  Does he hurt his team by trying to come back early?  According to the report I saw, the Cards may be thinking just that and may try to persuade him to not return until after the break.

I know I am being selfish in not wanting him to come back next weekend just to give the Dbacks a better chance, but in this case I think Pujols would be better served helping himself and his teammates by not rushing things.  The Cards will need a healthy Pujols down the stretch to contend with the Milwaukee Brewers.  Coming back sooner could risk further injury and put him out longer.  Of course what will happen is doctors will clear him to play.  It will be up to the Cards to decide when the right time is to come back.