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Top 10 MLB All-Star Moments

By Scott Allen

Now that we are 10 days away from the 2011 MLB All-Star Game here in Phoenix, we are going to count down the top 10 Midsummer Classic moments.  MLB Network is doing the same thing, however, I have differing opinions as to what the top moments are.  Today, I start with number 10.

At number 10 is a moment that has been brought up a time or two this season thanks to the Buster Posey controversy at home plate, a play that put the San Francisco Giants Posey out for the season.  In 1970 Pete Rose, as we all know as “Charlie Hustle”, bowled over catcher Ray Fosse to win the game for the NL in 12 innings.  Rose, known for his aggressive play, not only steamed rolled Fosse, but he did it in an All-Star Game.  My personal take is, why not?  You are trying to win a game.  Exhibition or not, the game was in the 12th inning.  Many of these guys did not want to play all night.  Fosse was blocking the plate.  Not necessarily the move I would made had I been the runner, but a play that we will always remember.