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Diamondbacks Roster Review: Ian Kennedy

By Scott Allen

As we head into the second half of the season, it is time to take a look at the current roster before all the possible trades and roster moves are made as the Arizona Diamondbacks continue to contend for a possible NL West divisional title.  First up – Ian Kennedy.

As of Saturday July 2nd:

Kennedy is 8-2, 3.01 ERA, 97 K’s, 116.1 IP

Review: Kennedy has been every part of the “ace” of the pitching rotation.  His big highlight on the field came right after his big highlight off the field.  He threw a complete shutout against the Philadelphia Phillies on April 25th, just a day after this birth of his first child.  Kennedy has been the most consistent performer on the roster since day 1.

Outlook: Kennedy will need to continue to be the ace, the Dbacks are counting on it.  One issue that has come up recently is Kennedy’s knack for throwing a lot of pitches early, which has limited him just a little bit, but clearly still not a huge issue.  The Dbacks will need to score runs for him, but being the most consistent performer so far, there should be no reason to believe the success won’t continue in the second half.