Diamondbacks News

Justin Upton Selected as Dbacks Lone All-Star Representative

By Scott Allen

So, it really won’t be an Arizona Diamondbacks love fest in Phoenix at the 2011 MLB All-Star Game after all.  Despite the Dbacks back on the winning track and contending for a division title, they only placed one player on the NL Roster as outfielder Justin Upton makes his second game in his early career.

The Dbacks, who actually placed more players (2) in 2009 when the team wasn’t doing as well, really have to feel snubbed by today’s roster selections.  I mean, I realize the AL and NL rosters are selected by different players, but how does a .223 hitter like New York Yankees Russell Martin get in but guys like Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, the Braves Tommy Hanson, even the Yankees C.C. Sabathia, not get in?

It all goes back to popularity, that’s why.  Sure the fans voted the starters and we know that’s a popularity contest, but the manager and players picked their favorites too….not necessarily the best.  Congrats to Justin Upton though.  His selection is well deserved.