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Dbacks May Want to Try Alternate Route to Victory

By Scott Allen

I know I’m crazy, but how about I ask once, just once, the Arizona Diamondbacks win a game where they lead from start to finish?  I realize they are quickly being known as the comeback kids, especially after yesterday’s 8-6 amazing come from behind win over the  Milwaukee Brewers, but it seems to me a lot of the time there is no sense of urgency until they’ve fallen behind.

Of course tonight that probably won’t happen.  Zach Duke takes the mound in a game that easily could be over before your butt gets warm in your chair.  He faces Randy Wolf, who has had success against the Dbacks.  I can imagine that losing consecutive games after holding 6-1 leads also is weighing heavily on the Brewers.  I have a hard time believing something like that will happen again this evening.

Not only does taking a lead and protecting it good for the team, however also for the fans like myself.  I don’t know how many games we can take like this?  Granted, I will take a “w” anytime anyway, I prefer to take the route routinely traveled.