Diamondbacks News

Fielder Makes Prince of a Decision

By Scott Allen

The Home Run Derby will not include any Arizona DiamondbacksMilwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder has selected his NL Home Run Derby roster.  No Justin Upton, no Wily Mo Pena.  Fielder has no guts. Of course if Fielder had chosen either Dbacks player, he would be King, at least around these parts.  Now, he’s just another guy giving the Dbacks the middle finger in this All-Star fest.

Now, I realize his decision probably wasn’t the easiest.  You can’t argue with Matt Kemp, who leads the NL in homers.  Rickie Weeks is his teammate, so you knew he’d have to take one of his own.  Matt Holiday?  For the record, Justin Upton has more home runs.  Plain and simple, this was a popularity contest and friends sticking with friends.  Upton will never complain about his omission but that won’t stop me.

For Pena’s part, although he would have been fun to watch, being only in the majors for 2 weeks at this point, would not be fair to the other players.  Back to Upton though, this man is the face of the weekend on light rail, on buses, billboards, etc.  Fielder, simply, made the wrong choice.  Just another shot at the Dbacks.  MLB didn’t boycott the All-Star weekend in Arizona, but they might as well have.