Diamondbacks News

Pitching and Hitting Need to Meet Together More Often

By Scott Allen

So reviewing the three games just completed in Milwaukee, in game one you had no pitching, but late hitting.  Game 2, you had both, which was great to see.  Game 3, you had the pitching but no hitting.  For the Arizona Diamondbacks to be successful, the two need to merge on a more consistent basis.  It’s unfortunate a performance like Josh Collmenter’s today goes unrewarded.

In game 1, the chance for both to be there was good.  Daniel Hudson has been in a few games this season where only his pitching showed up.  On Monday his pitching failed miserably but the offense picked him up late in the comeback win.

In game 2 last night, Zach Duke finally came through with a good performance and the offensive fireworks were there early to help the Dbacks sustain the lead from start to finish.  That is the type of game that will keep the Dbacks far into September.  Monday’s game was more of the exception rather than the rule and would prefer not to have to go through many games like that.

In game 3 today, the Dbacks had yet another type of game, great pitching but no hitting.  Today was an example of getting a great performance but the offense could not pick its pitcher up.  Collmenter deserved a better fate.  He can only do so much on the mound, as with any pitcher, so it is vital in a game like today’s they see a merger of the pitching and offense.  With a bullpen as shaky as the Dbacks is right now, they can’t rely on 1-0 leads to consistently hold up.  Collmenter racked up 94 pitches after 6 innings, so he had to give way to the pen.  The Dbacks had a couple of opportunities to get a couple more runs, but as they almost did on Monday, ran into some trouble on the base paths, which is whole other story in itself.