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Top 10 MLB All-Star Moments

By Scott Allen

Now that we are 6 days away from the 2011 MLB All-Star Game here in Phoenix, we are counting down the top 10 Midsummer Classic moments. MLB Network is doing the same thing, however, I have differing opinions as to what the top moments are. Today, we’ve made it to number 6.

In 1986, the Houston Astrodome hosted its 2nd and final game (Houston would later host at Minute Maid Park).  Rookie Roger Clemens pitched a flawless 3 innings, thorwing 21 strikes and just 3 balls.  Say what you want about any steroids he may or may not have taken, Clemens performance was one to remember. The AL won 3-2.

It was also the last game ever managed by AL and Kansas City Royals manager Dick Howser.  He was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died less than a year later in June 1987.  Video shown is that of Steve Sax from that 1986 game and one of the last walks to the mound Howser would ever make.