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Kennedy Loses Out to Victorino in NL Final Vote

By Scott Allen

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Ian Kennedy failed to garner enough votes to win the NL Final Vote for the final NL roster spot on the All-Star team.  The winner?  Yes, that would be Shane Victorino of the Philadelphia Phillies.  Congrats to him, but enough.

Kennedy finished last in the NL voting.  Clearly his fans base is not as big and proves there are many more Phillies fans than Dbacks fans out there.  What I don’t like though is that Victorino won in 2009 as well.  Here’s a question?  If Victorino is SO great, then why aren’t the Phillies fans voting for him on the regular ballot?  Ok, sure Victorino has good numbers, no doubt.  He would not be on the Final Vote otherwise.  However, there needs to be a rule change.

What I would do is run the thing like American Idol.  You can audition all you want, but as soon as you win, you can’t be involved again.  I secretly think Victorino was put on the ballot on purpose for this very reason, knowing he’d win.  I’m telling you right now, as soon as I saw his name pop up this past Sunday, I secretly knew the vote was already over, even though I threw in a bunch of votes for Kennedy.

For Kennedy’s part, he might still make the roster if he replaces a pitcher like the San Francisco Giants Matt Cain, who is scheduled to pitch on Sunday, therefore per rules, will not be eligible to participate.