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Adrian Gonzalez Hits a Lot of Homers for a Boycotter

By Scott Allen

So, Boston Red Sox slugger Adrian Gonzalez decided to come to Arizona after all for the 2011 MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby.  After Arizona’s controversial passing of Senate Bill 1070, he was one of the first players to proclaim he would boycott Arizona if asked to come to the 2011 All-Star Game.  Well, he came, not boycotting after all.  Tonight, he hit a ton of homers to finish second in the annual July contest.  Instead of tearing down fences in Arizona, he spent a lot of time Tuesday night hitting over them.

To his credit, Gonzalez did later say he would attend if selected because he learned more about what the law meant.  Still, it was his voice everyone heard in the early stages of the bill’s passing and really got people on the back of MLB to boycott the game and the State of Arizona.

Gonzalez lost the derby to the New York Yankees Robinson Cano in the final round.  He had the best and most consistent swing of the night, which is the also the main reason he is hitting .352 right now.  He had good balance all evening long.  In the end Cano was a little too much, but was still fun to watch.