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Dbacks Fans Have Upton’s Back, Boo Prince Fielder During HR Derby Intros

By Scott Allen

As the Home Run Derby participants were being introduced, the wait was on to listen to how Arizona Diamondbacks fans at the event would treat Milwaukee Brewers and NL Derby captain Prince Fielder once he was announced.  In fine fashion, they booed him and I have no problem with that.

Apparently not everyone was happy.  Colorado Rockies beat writer Troy Renck tweeted “You stay classy Phoenix.”  Well, if maybe he knew the background and lived here, he’d understand.  For the record, they weren’t booing Fielder’s kids, which is what he thought, at least based on his tweet.  I mean, how evil do you really think the Dbacks fans are?  C’mon get real.  Fielder was just being booed for leaving Dbacks outfielder Justin Upton off the Derby roster.  I like Renck cause I follow him, but his tweets seem to be a little on the anti-Dbacks side tonight.

Anyway, Fielder may redeem himself.  He made the 2nd round, the only NL player to do so.  He has hit some real bombs.  The man just might win this thing.  If he does, let’s cheer him please because he’s been the only exciting person to watch on the NL side of things.