Brewers Make First Move, Dbacks Should be Next

By Scott Allen

The All-Star Game wasn’t even over an hour before we all learned last night that the Milwaukee Brewers made the first move of the annual beat the trade deadline clock.  They ended up trading a couple of players to be named later for the New York Mets Francisco Rodriguez, aka K-Rod.

Just hours before, I had posted in my “60 Lines About 30 Teams” the bullpen would be where the Brewers would need to make their move to remain in contention.


The Brewers are geniuses for getting K-Rod, even if they can’t afford him next season.  They are in it to win it now.  I love that attitude.  For New York’s part, they say this isn’t a sign they are giving up on the season.  They could have fooled me.  How you give up your closer with 23 saves and say that with a straight face is beyond me?

Sure, the Mets will save $17 million next season, but in the long run, this was New York’s way of saying so long fans, the party is over.  I don’t blame them with the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves ahead of them.  With K-Rod though, they had a fighting chance.  Now all they’ve done it solidify the Brewers chances of beating out the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates for the NL Central title.

So what about the Arizona Diamondbacks?  They have to make a move now.  It’s all about the bullpen.  The Brewers knew that.  There are only so many good relievers out there worth a deadline deal.  The San Diego Padres Heath Bell comes to mind.  I’m pretty sure Dbacks general manager Kevin Towers knows a thing or two about him.