No Tampering Here, Heath Bell is a Must

By Scott Allen

If there was ever a time for the Arizona Diamondbacks to listen to their fans, it should be now.  Publicly they can’t talk about it, but secretly the Dbacks have to be considering a move to go after San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell, right?  I mean, how can they at least not consider it?

Listen, I love current closer J.J. Putz.  He has brought the close back in closer in Arizona.  He converted his first 16 save opportunities, however a terrible June left him blowing four opportunities.  Then in July, he went on the DL.  Putz may be more apt for an 8th inning role.  If the Dbacks could swing Bell, then look for that to happen.

My fantasy would be to have Bell close, Putz be the 8th inning guy and David Hernandez the 7th inning guy.  It certainly would bridge that gap the Dbacks currently have for the 7th inning, as recently focused on during the stretch of games Dbacks starters couldn’t get past the 5th or 6th innings.

Of course Arizona groundskeepers are probably not fond of Bell, thanks to a sliding entrance to the pitchers mound in Tuesday’s All-Star Game.  As far as I’m concerned though, if that gets him pumped up, let him run around the bases for all I care if he produces saves.