Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Start Second Half on Wrong Foot

By Scott Allen

Well, sure the Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw is good, but you really still had to have hope going in to tonight’s game that the Arizona Diamondbacks would come out fighting, aggressive, and beating the snot out of the ball.  Instead, they came out like a team that hadn’t thought about baseball for a few weeks, just flat.  They lose game one of the series 6-4 to the Dodgers.

Save for a 7th inning that had some drama and saw the Dbacks score all their runs, it was a rather boring night offensively for the Dbacks.  For the Dodgers, it was yet another chance to stick the Dbacks with an NL West loss, now 12-15 against the division.  That will have to change in a hurry because the San Francisco Giants are getting better.

If the Dbacks lose another game in this series, you pretty much can see the writing on the wall.  Sure, you didn’t expect much from them, but now that they are in the race somewhat, you can just taste it.  Only, that’s all it may be this season, is wishful thinking.  It is becoming more and more likely the Dbacks will come up short at this pace.  I’m not throwing in the towel yet because the Dbacks won’t lay down by any means.  They just don’t have the pitching and don’t have the consistent enough hitting to maintain themselves in this race.