Dbacks Needs

By Scott Allen

After tonight’s debacle by Barry Enright, clearly the shift for team needs have moved from relievers and hitters to a starter and a couple fo relievers.  Dbacks might have to be content for this season with the offense they currently have.

So here is what I look at as the most glaring needs of the Dbacks heading towards the trade deadline:

1.  A 5th starter.  Clearly Zach Duke couldn’t do it.  Enright got his last chance tonight.  If there was ever a message to be sent for this need, it was tonight.  Without a reliable 5th starter down the stretch the Dbacks just won’t be able to stay in the race with the San Francisco Giants. Micah Owings might get the next chance.  He might better served as the long guy in the bullpen though.

2.  Another 2 relievers.  One guy, Ryan Cook, from AA Mobile, is apparently getting a chance to fill a spot on Wednesday.  Yhency Brazoban, see ya.  His box score tonight doesn’t ruin his ERA because the runners were inherited, but make no mistake, numbers don’t always tell the whole story.

3. We could use a hitter, but with probable moves being made to shore up the pitching staff, don’t count on trades to help out on offense.  May have to rely within.