Diamondbacks News

Enright, Brazoban Sent Packing for Reno

By Scott Allen

After a very rough night at the ballpark on Tuesday night at Chase Field against the Milwaukee Brewers, the Arizona Diamondbacks sent pitchers Barry Enright and Yhency Brazoban packing for Reno.  Enright spent all of about 24 hours in Phoenix thanks to a horrendous start against the Brewers, going just 3 innings and giving up 6 runs on 7 hits.

Unfortunately for Enright, the stay wasn’t as long as planned and now leaves the Dbacks scrambling for a fifth starter in the rotation.  Clearly he has a lot to work on and his days as a Dbacks starter may be over for good.  If he returns, I would guess it will be most likely as a reliever.

As for Brazoban, his stay was nothing but a disappointment, especially last night.  Coming in with the bases loaded, all Brazoban did was walk the first batter he faced, hit the second guy, then walked the third.  Not exactly a showcase to prove you belong with a team in contention.