Don’t Look for Many Moves From Dbacks

By Scott Allen

Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers said today that he is not going to give up the future to try to win now.  The idea is to win for many years to come.  In a way, I agree with him completely.  They should not mortgage the future for the short term, however, that being said, it does signify a bit that the white flag could be raising.

Like I said, I don’t completely disagree with that move, but Towers needs to come right out and say so if this team fails to make any moves before the trade deadline on July 31st.  Towers indicated he is searching for bullpen help, which so far, has come from minor leaguers.  That isn’t working so well right now.  He also stated that most likely would not be going after another starter because of the lack of attractive arms out there.

That too, I am ok with, but if Towers isn’t going to go get a starter, then he needs to allow manager Kirk Gibson to name his fifth starter now.  We’ve done the fifth starter by committee thing for too long and we see how far it has gotten the Dbacks the past couple of seasons.  I would say right now if the playoffs started, it wouldn’t be an issue.  However it is important that if you are going to try to still compete in this division THIS year, then another starter is necessary.  Not doing so ultimately does the Dbacks in for 2011.

Also, don’t expect any bat’s to be picked up either.  Most attractive bats will command top tier prospects.  They will promote within as they have been doing.  However, now, it appears the Dbacks are content with playing for 2012 and 2013 with hopes they can still make a little noise before all is said and done in 2011.