Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Offense Inconsistent

By Scott Allen

For a few early innings last night against the Colorado Rockies, it appeared as if the Arizona Diamondbacks were going to blow Aaron Cook and the the Rockies right out of the building early, striking for three runs in the second.  Then, just one more sixth inning run, and only one hit after the six inning, left some batting averages lower than where they started the game.

Early on, the fireworks were on.  Geoff Blum homered.  Willie Bloomquist tripled.  That combined with the two Dbacks All-Stars in Miguel Montero and Justin Upton, who both had two hits, and it seemed like everything might be ok.  Probloem was, some of the usual suspects shut down.

Brandon Allen went 0-1 with 2 walks (1 intentional) and 1 strikeout.  His average down to .154

Ryan Roberts went 0-3, struck out twice, avg down to .252

Kelly Johnson, who Roberts replaced due to injury, was 0-2, avg down to .218

Geoff Blum, if not for the HR, wouldn’t be all the way up to .214

You aren’t going to win many games with low batting averages.  Doesn’t matter how many homers (17 for Johnson, 13 for Roberts) or how far you hit them (454 feet for Brandon Allen).  It’s about production.  It’s about hitting with runners on base, consistently.  Some of the power numbers are great and all, but if that’s all you look at, you see yourself traded to the Baltimore Orioles in a heartbeat (see Mark Reynolds, who hit 32 homers last season, but only hit .198.)  Power doesn’t equal production in many cases.