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Diamondbacks Roster Review: Xavier Nady

By Scott Allen

Into the second half of the season now , it is time to continue to take a look at the current roster as the Arizona Diamondbacks continue to contend for a possible NL West divisional title. Next Up – Xavier Nady

Nady .243 , 3 HR, 30 RBI

Review:  Nady has provided a few sparks here and there, platooning at first base and left field all season long.  Has had a couple of big hits recently, however overall hasn’t produced the numbers that were expected of him.  Nice to see 30 RBI though.

Outlook:  Uncertain.  His future after 2011 with the Dbacks is probably non-existent, but for 2011, it is probably safe to say he will remain on the roster.  He can provide some bench support while platooning at first with Brandon Allen.