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Dbacks Now Have Three Days To Get a Deal Done

By Scott Allen

I’ve never been a guy to say do a deal just for the sake of doing a deal.  That’s ridiculous.  However, a team in contention for its divisional title needs to do more than call up minor leaguers like the Arizona Diamondbacks have done.  Expected to be a major player during trade deadline week, up to this point the Dbacks have been nothing but major duds.

Of course, you don’t want to mortgage the future for the present, but in order to give the appearance that they at least care they are in the thick of the NL West race, it is important for the Dbacks to do something, especially in that bullpen.  I realize everything could still work out fine, but also realize just calling up every man with an ERA under 3.00 in the organization isn’t the answer either.

Ryan Cook.  Yeah, didn’t work out so well.  Barry Enright.  Not so much.  Bryan Shaw.  Didn’t work out on first call up.  Not doing so hot on second either.  Good cutter or not, if that’s his only pitch, he won’t last long in the majors.  Pitchers needs to have at least 2-3 good pitches.

Don’t even get me started on the hitters.  Wily Mo Pena, Brandon Allen, Colin Cowgill, Cody Ransom.  Sure Wily Mo and Brandon Allen have both bashed tape measure shots, but Wily Mo is no longer here (and there is a reason for that), and Brandon Allen is hitting .130.  I don;t think the Dbacks necessarily need to go get hitters, but it wouldn’t hurt if the right trade opportunity comes around, but when will that be?  Time is running out.