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Fight For NL West: Diamondbacks vs. Giants

By Scott Allen

The stage has been set.  San Francisco, California.  Three games.  They are not must-win’s, but lose two of three or get swept, it will be awful tough for the Arizona Diamondbacks to catch the San Francisco Giants in the National League West.  just to be clear though, it is not the end of the season or the world if the Dbacks do not come out on top.  However, how sweet would it be to have the Dbacks come back home with a division lead or within one game of the Giants?

So here are the three match-ups this week, starting tomorrow night.

Monday:  Ian Kennedy vs. Matt Cain – Kennedy is 12-3, however Cain has had the Dbacks number the past couple of seasons.

Tuesday: Daniel Hudson vs. Tim Lincecum – this should be a great game, however Hudson has scuffled the past couple of outings.  I look for a big rebound from him.

Wednesday: Jason Marquis vs. Ryan Vogelsong – the debut of Marquis in an Arizona Diamondbacks uniform.  He has a record of pitching well against the NL West.  This is something the Dbacks are counting on.  However, let’s not forget how well Vogelsong pitched against the Dbacks last time out.  This one might be the most fun and interesting of all.  Buckle up!