Diamondbacks News

It’s Paul Goldschmidt Time

By Scott Allen

It’s about time the Arizona Diamondbacks give first baseman Paul Goldschmidt a chance to see what he can do.  After today’s trade of Brandon Allen, now it is time to see if any of Goldschmidt’s minor league success can translate at the major league level.  Hitting .306 with 30 HR and 94 RBI, you can only hope at least some of that translates.

You can only wonder what took so long, but the best guess out there is that the Dbacks were really hope either Juan Miranda or Allen could succeed without having to call Goldschmidt up this season.   This move was inevitable though.

Miranda started slow, got hot in May and early June, then really tailed off to the point he became more of a liability than anything else, both from an offensive and defensive standpoint.  Then, the Dbacks turned to Brandon Allen, again.

Allen’s call up a couple of weeks ago was his third shot to show the Dbacks what he could do at this level.  Third time was not the charm for Allen.  He hit .172 and was shipped off.  Now, they call up AA All-Star Goldschmidt.  He just tears the ball up.  He not only hits the ball for power though.  He hits with runners on base and hits for average.  Remind you of anyone?  Maybe a guy by the name of Albert Pujols?

Now, I realize it is too early to start comparing him to Pujols, but how can you ignore the numbers that Goldschmidt has been putting up all season?  You can’t and the Dbacks are finally recognizing those numbers and see what he can do heading into the last two months of the season.