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Dbacks First Baseman is Pure Gold-Schmidt

By Scott Allen

Recently recalled Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt has finally done it.  After one plus game, he finally hit a home run and it was a no-doubter.  I had no doubt we’d not have to wait long to watch the guy who hit 30 homers in the minors hit one in the majors.  I only say finally because to be honest, as comfortable as he looks at the plate and with his power, it is surprising he doesn’t have like five homers already…ok sort of surprising.

Consider this, Goldschmidt’s homer tonight was off of the San Francisco Giants Tim Lincecum.  His first major league hit last night was off of Matt Cain.  Not bad young man, not bad.  Still a ways to go in this series.  I expect more.

So as I am about to send this out – he strikes out.  Keep your head up young man.